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» Contribution in the Greek Olive & Olive Oil Industry since 1949.

Eleourgiki, the Cooperative Association of Greek Olive Producers, was founded in 1949 to promote olive-farming, to support the various products made from the olive and offer guidance to producers in protecting their product and income.

Eleourgiki offers important services to the Greek Olive Industry: It plays an active part in the process of decision taking on olive policy by the Greek state. To this end, it participates in actions and implements programs supported by the European Union to promote higher quality and wider distribution of Greek olive oil.

In recent years the cooperative membership of Eleourgiki has risen to 500.000 olive producers - representing the 95% of all olive producers in Greece.

With the ever-growing demand for its products in Greece and elsewhere, Eleourgiki has become a major economic, industrial and agricultural power.

The main objective of Eleourgiki is to promote the potential of Greek olive oil, both in Greece and abroad. Through the efforts and passion of Greek olive growers, olive oil of incomparable quality is delivered to your tables, every day, healthy, natural and pure. In a word- exceptional!

Eleourgiki, by promoting actually all the products of the blessed olive tree, is achieving to support the income of the thousands of producers members of its cooperatives.

» Offering a Traceability and Quality Certification Scheme

ELEOURGIKI implements its own innovative ‘eleontrace System" to protect, monitor and certify its products traceability and quality, such as the authenticity of Eleourgiki Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Olives brands, etc in all stages of production, management, and  distribution.

With a certified root from the olive grove to the shelf (or table), we offer the  consumer the utmost satisfaction of  100 % natural products of 100% Greek origin, and premium geographical destinations, fully traceable and with the lesser environmental  footprint.

» Eleourgiki Products

Our Products are 100% Greek, made to meet the very highest specifications and are certified to meet the most vigorous quality standards both in Greece and abroad.

  • The Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil "BIO-Spitiko" (Glass, Tin, Pet)
  • The Extra Virgin Olive Oils "Spitiko", ‘Extrolio’ and "Istion" (Glass, Tin, Pet)

Superior category Greek extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means (acidity 0-0.8%)

  • The pure Greek Olive Oils "Liotrivi" and Alki’ (Glass, Tin, Pet)
  • The original Kalamata, Black and Green table Olives "ELIA Spitiko" Natural Greek Olives in brine, without preservatives (Glass Jar of 180g)
  • The Green Olives ‘"ELIA Spitiko", Stuffed with:
    • Lemon
    • Almond
    • Red Pepper
    • Garlic

All natural Greek products in brine. Without preservatives or colors (Glass jar of 200g).

  • The  original Greek Kalamata, Black and Green Olive pastes "Eleourgiki Spitiko" (Glass jar of 200gr)
  • Olive Oil Soaps brand "ELEOURGIKI"

Authentic, traditional Greek soaps, scented with various, fine perfumes (in alphabetical order):

    • Aloe
    • Camomile (Chamomile)
    • Chios Mastic (Chios Masticha)
    • Honey
    • Jasmin
    • Lavender
    • Natural Olive Oil
    • Olive & Vanilla
    • Rose
    • Sandal Wood
    • Strawberry

» Eleourgiki. The True taste of Greece travels to all 5 Continents

From Europe, the USA, Canada and S. America to China, Japan and Australia, the exceptional products of Eleourgiki have won the hearts of thousands of consumers.

100% natural juice of the olive, taken from the best Greek olive groves. The product of the thousands of olive growers in the Eleourgiki cooperatives, is giving you a true taste of Greece.

Eleourgiki. The Taste of Greece.



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