Der Inbegriff der griechischen Gastronomie

Situated in Vienna head-offices since 2007, and with a previous decennial experience in global marketing and logistics services, we direct, develop and showcase a carefully selected list of top-notch healthy and nutritious food and beverage products of Greece.

Nowadays, we gain a growing good reputation by diligently and successfully serving all kinds of Food Chains, Catering, local and open markets, healthy, vegetarian – veggie, vegan, multi-culti and oriental shops, Restaurants, Bars, Take - Aways, and other well-established delivery businesses in Austria.

All Tolias’ agricultural and artisanal packaged products stand for their exquisite taste, innovation and originality (100% natural products and raw materials, solely of Greek origin),  and comply with the strictest quality and safety EU and International Regulations Standards.

Tolias Catalogue pertains a wide range of PDO (Protected Destination of Origin) and PGI  (Protected Geographic Indication) packaged products, having integrated quality assurance systems (EN ISO 22000: 2005, BRC, IFS, HALAL, KOSHER), and produced with safety and respect to the environment (ISO, HACCP, EU Certified).

For instance, our own brand, also available in private label, SANTOCALDERA Tomato Products have ISO 9001:2019 for Quality and Product Development System incorporating HACCP, ISO 14001:2019, BRC, Kosher, Halal certifications.

With business ethics, respect to the environment and high corporate social responsibility (CSR), we have built up a fine exported products catalogue of top-selling collaborator partnerships, incorporating small and mid-size family farmers, global food local manufacturers / processors and innovative food entrepreneurs of Greece.

Thus, we create a more equitable food system for the end-user and consumer with added value for our targeted clientele, local, multi-national and Austrian Food Chains, Delis, HORECA, Mass Catering, S/M – Cash and Carry Markets.  

Thanks to our Vienna offices’ authorized and certified nearby distribution premises, and our advanced just-in-order supplies and safety food procurement system, we also manage to reduce logistics and storage costs for our prestigious clients.

Certified with ISO 22000, Food Services by Tolias Co. cater all kind of professional and end-users needs

  • Mass Catering Establishments (restaurants – cafe-bar – take aways)
  • Super Markets – Cash and Carry Markets
  • Wholesales Units
  • Veggie, Vegan, Oriental Food Corners - Green Food Shops
  • Hotel Chains
  • Bakeries
  • Catering Companies
  • Yachts / Cruise Ships
  • Retail (on demand)

Visit our <Tolias Finest Greek Products> Spring / Summer Catalogue 2021 with today’s worldwide top-selling and other taste awarded branded 100% pure and safe products. Discover amazing traditional as well as modern Food and Beverage Ideas, in the best value/premium quality services ratios.

For a close Trade business meeting or purchasing from our Tolias Catalogue, call us at + M: +43 676 9434025 or send us your enquiries at E:

Konstantinos Tolias e.U.

Danhausergasse 6/15

AT- 1040  Vienna 

M: +43 676 9434025


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